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Erasmus Days 15-17 October 2020

Video created by the Jean Monnet actions of the UAB (EUCONAS and EUPOL), in collaboration with the Institut d'Estudis Europeus, the Erasmus Student Network association and the European Documentation Center, to celebrate the #ErasmusDays

La gobernanza del plan europeo de recuperación Next Generation EU. (ES)


THE EUPOL JEAN MONNETPresiding over the Eurogroup, what good would it do for Spain?

Interview with Ana Mar Fernández, professor of Political Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and Fernando Arancón, director of The World Order, about the candidacy of Nadia Calviño to preside over the Eurogroup


Comitology: the strength of dissent

Fernández Pasarín, Ana Mar, Dehousse, Renaud & Joan Pere Plaza (2020) Spain: 'Comitology: the strength of dissent', Journal of European Integration. DOI: 10.1080/07036337.2020.1740697

Spain: Pragmatic Europeanism or the End of Unconditional Support for European Integration

The Member States of the European Union.
Third Edition. Edited by Simon Bulmer and Christian Lequesne. Contributor: Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín

Política de la UE. Crisis y continuidad

Fernández Pasarín, A. (2019) ‘El ELSJ: La política consular europea o la proyección externa de un sistema de gobernanza multimodal’ in Ares, C. & Bouza, L. (eds) Política de la UE. Crisis y continuidad (Madrid: CIS): 419-436.

Journal of European Public Policy

Dehousse, R., Fernández Pasarín, A., Plaza, J. (2014) ‘How Consensual is Comitology’, Journal of European Public Policy, Vol.21, Nº6, 842-59. DOI: 10.1080/ 13501763.2014.910819.

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In times of crisis and uncertainty about the future of Europe, developing teaching and research on the EU as well as transferring knowledge to students, political elites and civil society on the central role played by the EU as a provider of public policies appear to be crucial.  The main objective of this Jean Monnet Chair in European Policies consists of addressing EU contemporary challenges through the demonstration of its added value as a unique political organization.

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