Academic Conferences & Workshops

Below you can find a list of all the academic events attended by either JMC representatives or EUGOV members:


TITLE: Consensus and contestation along the legislative-executive cycle of EU policy-making
ACTIVITY: 26th International Conference of Europeanists, Madrid.
DATE: 20-22/06/19
EUGov MEMBERS: Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín


TITLE: New EU internal borders but Old Challenges: the case for Sicily-Malta Cross-Border Cooperation in the context of the COOP-RECOT II research project
ACTIVITY: XXI Conference of European Studies. Slubice, Poland.
DATE: 1-2/02/18
EUGov MEMBERS: Francesco Camonita
LINK: Website of the Event 


TITLE: A global view on Cross-Border Cooperation in the European Union: introducing the COOP-RECOT II catalogue on best Euroregional practices across the EU territory.
ACTIVITY: AEBR Cross-Border School. Caceres, Spain.
DATE: 24-25/10/17
EUGov MEMBERS:  Francesco Camonita
LINK: AEBR Website 


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