Conversations about Europe (JMC Conference Series) 

The JMC EUPOL, in collaboration with the JMC on EU Governance (UPF Barcelona) and the Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials (UAB) has organized a series of conferences over the present and future of European politics in the context of European Elections 2019. The main purpose of the meetings has been to extend the debate beyond traditional academic circles to include citizens’ participation.

The events were also dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Jean Monnet activities.

The three events that were hosted during Semester 2 were:

1) May 23, 2019. Populism, Nationalism and New Actors in the context of European Parliament elections. Experts invited: Prof. Ángel Rivero, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; Salvador Llaudes Cañete, Real Instituto Elcano.

2) May 30, 2019. Analysis of the results of European Parliament Elections. Experts invited: Dr. Enrique Hernández, Postdoc researcher at UAB; Prof. Astrid Barrio, University of Valencia

3) June 13, 2019. The Future of Europe in the new political scenario. Experts invited: Dr. Gianfranco Pasquino, Emeritus Professor at University of Bologna; Prof. Joan Botella, UAB.

Further information can also be consulted in Catalan and Spanish at the following link.

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