Conversations about Europe (JMC Conference series)

Present and future of European politics in the context of European Elections 2019 

The  European elections celebrated in May 2019 are actively shaping European political balances for the next years. How will the new political phenomena (democratic deficit, populism, nationalism, euroskeptcicism…) affect European and National politics affect the European scenario in the next years?

The main purpose of this Conference series is to extend the debate beyond traditional academic circles. This is the reason why the JMC EUPOL (UAB) and the JMC on EU Governance (UPF) are working with the Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials (UAB) to propose critical debate about the new challenges of European politics.

The events are offered to  large audience willing to understand more about contemporary yet complicated political issues, and the Conferences will be led by an acknowledged group of experts in each of the different approaches.



Populism, Nationalism and New Actors in the context of European Parliament elections. 


Analysis of the results of European Parliament Elections 


The Future of Europe in the new political scenario

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