The purpose of these round tables (organised in strong partnership with the European Documentation Centre UAB) is to serve as spaces for learning and debate about European modern topics. Strong emphasis is placed on the role of the EU as a provider of security responses to challenges (i.e. food security, energy, environment, consumers, security and defence, cybersecurity). It is about approaching the Europeanisation of such policies and to explain more in details the implications of European regulations to citizens. They are also meant to show the rising amount of rights acquired by citizens through the European legal framework. The structure of the round table usually follows the same pattern: Introduction of the topic by means of the Chair responsible or the assistant, brief intervention by the invited expert (up to 30-45 minutes), follow-up questions from the moderator of the event and finally at least 30 minutes of public debate with questions from the audience.

Below you can find a list of the EU Talks which were already celebrated:

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