EU Parliament Simulation at the Faculty of Political Sciences (UAB)

On April 29, the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology from UAB officially hosted an European Parliament simulation from 11.00 AM to 17.00 PM. It revolved around the interpretation of the role of European MPs for undergraduate students as to discover more about the daily routine of the only democratically elected EU institution.

The event was organised by the JMC EUPOL with the organisational support of the UAB European Documentation Centre and the European Parliament representative office in Barcelona. The initiative was by all means the first of its kind to be produced inside UAB.

The main protagonists of the event have been the aprox. 80 students attending the module “Institutions and policies of the EU”, given by Prof. Núria Font Borràs.

More information on the event can be found on this link.

The website of the simulation (showing practical information and the program schedule) can be found here.