More than four hundred high school students have taken part in the ‘Celebrating Europe Day’ activity

The Argó program of the UAB Institute of Education Sciences, together with the European Documentation Center and the EUPOL Jean Monnet Chair in European Policies, have held a Conference for 3rd and 4th year ESO students and of 1st of Baccalaureate in the frame of the celebration of the Day of Europe. A total of 456 students from various schools took part in the ‘Celebrating Europe Day’ activity through the Microsoft Teams platform.

The Conference consisted of a presentation on the history, functioning and main challenges of the European Union offered by Professor Francesco Camonita and continued with a quiz game through Kahoot. Students in the winning group of the game, corresponding to the Pere Calders Institute in Cerdanyola del Vallès, received a gift pack. The activity ended with the reproduction of the European anthem in Catalan.