The EU’s response to Fake News (EU Talk 1)

The EU’s response to Fake News

The struggle against disinformation and the fake news on social networks has quickly become one of the main elements of the European political scenario. In turn, this opens a debate on whether governmental authorities should regulate this phenomena and what kind of consequences this may entail for the EU politics scenario.

In order to discuss such implications, the EUPOL JMC organized its first EU Talk over the subject in collaboration with the UAB European Documentation Centre. The debate, which was on hosted on 25/10/18 (13:30 – 15:00) in the Faculty of Communication Sciences, counted upon the presence of Jaime Andreu Romeo, special advisor for the European Commission in the DG Communications department. The talk was moderated by Francesco Camonita, the EUPOL Chair Assistant and EUGOV researcher.

For more information on the subject, you can also check our recollection of data on the subject:  Fakes news i desinformació en línia (Diigo)

Below, you can find some pictures of the event as well as the poster of the event.



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