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In this section, we collect evidence of posts, pictures and media-related materials (such as interviews to our invited experts) which spawn from our JMC activities.

Media coverage of our activities

Barcelona. Exposición 70 años de Schuman - Preguntas sobre la UE

“El Pregoner” podcast about the EP Simulation 2019 (Radio. Minute 20:10) (CAT)

Press note about the EP Simulation 2019 (European Parliament Office in Barcelona) (ESP)

Youtube PlayList


Interview to Pablo R. Suanzes, correspondent of the newspaper "El Mundo" in Brussels. Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín y Albert Guivernau (ES)

Miradas ante las crisis del Covid-19. Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín (ES)

Interviews to our guests

Interview with Juan Antonio Cordero. Professor at the École Polytechnique de Palaiseuu (Paris). His lecture at the Autonomous University of Barcelona was registered within the framework of activities of the Jean Monnet EUPOL Chair of the UAB directed by Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín.

UAB Press interviewing our invited expert Prof. Gianfranco Pasquino


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